Organize unique experiences.

A free app to manage your customers and the security of your business.

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One app, three features.

Discover all the events

Make new best friends


Acquire new customers who will see your venue or event nearby.

Make new best friends

QR Code Pass

A unique code that identifies the reservation and lets the customer pass only when it's his turn.

Make new best friends

Social Network

Stay in touch with your customers, post events and safety information for your venue.

Imagine organizing a workshop
in your flower shop.

Make new best friends Make new best friends

Create the event.

Enter all the information relating to the event, choose a beautiful image and establish how many seats are available to attend the workshop.

Discover unknown places Discover unknown places Discover unknown places Discover unknown places

Receive notifications.

Receive booking requests directly on the App, check who is participating and confirm the attendance of participants.

Make new best friends

Check who is attending.

You can know at any time who has arrived and how many people are present in your restaurant.
For a unique, safe experience.

Save time.

You and your team can focus exclusively on what is most important: your work :)

Make new best friends

Not just flower shops :)

Useful for everyone.

Hotel Hotel
and B&B
Centri commerciali Shopping Centers
Negozi Large
and small shops
Cenri sportivi Sports
Stabilimenti balneari Bathing establishments
Musei e parchi Museums
and parks

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