Alternatives to Eventbrite for sport events covid 19

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Alternatives to Eventbrite for sporting events covid 19

In consideration of the health situation, specific rules have been established for sports activities which may include limitations or suspensions of activities at gyms, swimming pools, ski resorts or contact sports.

In this context, sports groups and individuals are looking for new forms of organization for carrying out physical and sporting activities in safety, limiting risks and adapting to regulations issued by the governments.

Platforms and apps such as Eventbrite, Meetup, ComeHome, AirBnb and other alternatives are very useful tools for organizing and managing sport events covid 19 in person and online.

Eventbrite how it works

Eventbrite is the leading platform for organizing public or commercial events. It does not require a subscription, but gets a percentage on the sales of paid tickets. Easy to use, it offers diversified solutions for organizers, provides logistical support and the possibility of renting kits for mobile ticketing.


Meetup is a mobile app that allows you to organize events and create groups based on a particular interest. The user indicates where he is and the category for finding groups and events. Initially it was designed for hobbies and interests, excluding commercial purposes. For the organizer of an event, the use of Meetup has a monthly cost, while the events can be free or paid for the participants.


ComeHome was born as a social network to make people meet in real life by organizing various types of events at home. Later and with the covid situation, the platform was used to organize outdoor and online events.

The host is supported by a more experienced organizer during the first events. The events have a limited number of participants, dedicated to an age group set by the host and the seats are balanced between men and women.


Airbnb was born as a platform to find and offer accommodation or bed for short periods; for some years now it has been able to organize face-to-face activities for small groups, meetups, guided tours by local hosts, and experiences with activities over several days. With the covid emergency it is also possible to organize online events.

Experiences must meet quality standards and must be approved by an Airbnb team. For Experiences, Airbnb retains a percentage of the host’s fee as a service charge (excluding Social Experiences). Additionally, for most businesses, Airbnb offers hosts liability insurance coverage.


Install QUA

The QUA App is the best alternative to platforms for organizing sport events covid 19.

Unlike other platforms, it is free and does not manage ticket payments; it’s only mobile, convenient and at hand. On QUA you can create your contact list and follow friends/events/organizers.

How to get a Ticket

There are two ways to get a ticket.

As a user you can choose the event you are interested in and request a ticket by clicking on “request invitation”. The organizer, by accepting your request, will provide you with a digital ticket with the QR Code to be used at the entrance.

As an organizer you can send the invitation to your list of contacts who can accept or decline the invitation.

The map shows the events
The map shows the events
It is easy to create events
It is easy to create events
Each participant gets a QR code
Each participant gets a QR code

Coronavirus and group training with QUA

Thanks to QUA you can organize outdoor group training, limit the number of participants and monitor subscriptions. For gyms, at any moment, customers know which rooms are available for access and can book the entrance to the most crowded ones.

The alternative to a people counter during covid 19

Considerations on the disadvantages of the people counter and the advantage of QUA.

QUA allows you to organize the event and check the number of participants with a single app without having to purchase one or more people counters. All you need is your smartphone or tablet.

Entrance management with QUA

Before the event, the organizer can view the invite requests received and confirm by sending the ticket with a QR Code and can view the invitations sent directly.

Upon entering the training session, the participant shows the QR Code from its device and the organizer scans it. Until the invitation is scanned, the participant is absent. The QUA App allows you to manage entrances, count attendances and automatically have the references of the participants present on your own QUA App.