QUA App, an event organization platform and to manage entrances

an event organization platform and to manage entrances

An event organization platform app is important in this period. With the Covid emergency, cultural events, demonstrations, shows, conferences, workshops, but also parties and private events have had to adapt to new rules and take new forms. The QUA App allows you to organize private, public, corporate events and to manage reservations and entrances without the need for people counter devices.

Covid private events and indoor events with an event organization platform app

An event organization platform app is not easy to find. Events in closed spaces such as cinemas and theaters may be subject to limitations in order to guarantee the safety distance between people inside the venue. The venues are periodically sanitized and objects that are touched by several people (handles, handrails) disinfected several times a day. Covid signs must be displayed indicating the rules to be followed and contagion prevention measures.

Inviting friends to your home covid

Even for private events at home there may be restrictions on the maximum number of friends and non-cohabiting people allowed.

Participate in an event near you
Participate in an event near you
Different types of events available
Different types of events available
A unique QR code
A unique QR code
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Covid outdoor events 

Demonstrations and cultural outdoor events are possible in compliance with the regulations and by showing the EU digital COVID certificate. If the event provides seating, the seats must be spaced between non-cohabiting people.

QUA Event organization platform app

The QUA App allows you to organize cultural events in a simple way, it is easy to use, only for mobile devices, free of charge and does not require the management of ticket payments.

Via QUA you can create your contact list and follow friends, events and organizers.

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How to get a ticket

There are two ways to get a ticket.

As a user you can choose the event you are interested in and request a ticket by clicking on “request invitation”. The organizer, by accepting your request, will provide you with a digital ticket with the QR Code to be used at the entrance.

As an organizer you can send the invitation to your list of contacts who can accept or decline the invitation. Thanks to QUA you can organize outdoor events, communicate the safety rules through the app, limit the number of participants and monitor requests for your own events.

Manage reservations with the QUA App

QUA allows you to manage reservations, flows of people and monitor attendance in your spaces. The customer can book a place at the venue (museum, exhibition space) and report its presence via smartphone. At any time you are aware of who has arrived and how many people are present in the room thanks to the app.

QUA allows you to manage entrances, count attendances and automatically have the participants’ contacts present on the QUA App; it is possible to request the EU digital COVID certificate to ensure the safety of the guest.

Before the event, the organizer can view the invitation requests received: he can confirm the requests by sending the QR Code or decline them.

Upon entering the event, the guest will show the QR Code on his device and the organizer will scan it. Until the invitation is scanned, the guest is absent.