Qua, the App entrances counter and people counter in the shops

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The opening of Covid shops and the number of customers

With the current health situation, shops, bars, restaurants have had to reorganize their spaces, adopt extraordinary security measures and limit the number of people present in order to guarantee the distance between people, stretching waiting times, serving the customer and at the same time controlling the number of entrances and exits and if necessary inviting excess customers to wait outside the shop. An app counting entrances and people in shops improves the management of the flows of people entering and leaving the store.

The management of entrances during Covid

Without the possibility of collecting reservations in advance, during the first weeks of emergency long lines formed in front of the largest supermarkets and shopping centers, with the risk of overcrowding, but also in front of smaller shops that could accommodate just a limited amount of people. In most cases, the staff had to perform supervisory functions, manage entrances as well as serving the customer as usual.

The entrance counter average price

To monitor the entrances, the shops adopted one or more people counters; there are different types, automatic, digital, electronic, infrared, and the price can reach a few hundred euros for the most sophisticated systems. Furthermore, a disadvantage is that the people counter does not collect the data of customers who will also have to fill in a form with their contacts separately.

Ufirst to skip the queue how it works

Ufirst is a digital zero-queue system that allows shops, supermarkets, public administrations, health facilities and banks to manage the queues that were generated in front of the entrance to the physical point, avoiding overcrowding. The customer remotely books his place in the line and knows in advance the number of people in front of him. Alternatively he can choose the time that is most convenient for him, eventually he only goes to the place when it is his turn.

QUA App to skip the line how it works

A booking system to manage your customers and security in your shop: app entrances counter and people counter in the shops.

QUA allows you to manage the flows of people and monitor attendance in your spaces. The customer can book the visit and signal his entry via smartphone. At any time you are aware of who has arrived and how many people are in the store via the app. The staff can go back to their major task, serving customers, without having to perform supervisory tasks.

The map is clear and simple
The map is clear and simple
Search for events based on your interests
Search for events based on your interests

Thanks to the QR code it is easy to join
Thanks to the QR code it is easy to join
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Signs for shops covid 19 to be printed

At the entrance of each establishment, a sign indicating the access rules to be followed, must be exposed: distance, obligation to wear a mask, use of gloves and / or disinfectant and maximum number of people present in the shop. These signs are easily downloadable from the internet, editable and customizable by adding the QR Code to be framed, to download the QUA App.